I 'n' Eye Inc. is a Twin Cities MN based company, owned, directed and operated by a diverse group of artists, web & graphic designers, information systems, technology & network professionals, & associates who are devoted to excellence and instrumental in providing our services and products.

We provide businesses, non-profits and individuals who value the importance of visual recognition and efficient technical performance, who enjoy the recognition received from designs & services which enhance their visibility, with our professional, innovative and reliable services & products.

I 'n' eye cares about your visions and provides high levels of technical & creative performance, solutions, services, tools and visual recognition to materialize it. We have lots of satisfied customers!

Our Key professionals are:
Anna N. Birney, Lead Art Director, web designer, Artist & CFO
Christine W. Tendle, Art Director, Artist & CEO
Tobias H. Ross, Information Systems Technology Director, web guru
Asei M. Tendle, Assistant Art Director, Graphic Designer & Artist

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